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  • Jake is a dabbler—a connoisseur of variety. Not quite committed to one thing and often forgetting about certain hobbies until in a moment of revelation he remembers, “Hey! I forgot I liked doing that!” Currently, he is orchestrating a series of video documentaries about artisans in Pittsburgh and just finished making a dining table with his girlfriend.

    Jake likes working for a company whose intent is to connect everyone in the world one project at a time. Jake’s experience as a technician at Apple taught him that tech support is a philosophy—that a strong foundation and the ability to think on your feet are what counts when helping others. Jake is working with Brandon in harmony to further bridge the gap between form and function at Guru.
    When not at work Jake likes to explore—he thinks there’s nothing more interesting than a place you’ve never been—no matter how small or seemingly insignificant it is. His most recent trip was a seven day stretch in Portland, Oregon where the most notable thing he saw was a man strolling downtown with his pet cat perched on his shoulder (it was a tie between that and the rocky, foggy Oregon Coast).

    Fun Fact: Jake spent the day of his 18th birthday on a plane headed towards Kyoto, Japan. He spent an entire month in Kyoto on his own simply meandering and making friends.

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        Gurus can now send invoices for less than $25.00. We’re giving you and your gurus the flexibility to bill what you want, without constraint. When paying an invoice for less than $25.00, you’ll need to use the available funds in SafePay or your Cash Account.

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        A级毛片免费观看-Bill for the amount you want with no restrictions.

        Whatever your case is, we feel freelancers should be able to bill with flexibility. We have dropped our $25.00 minimum invoice restriction completely to simplify the way you bill employers. Now, you can send an invoice for ANY amount you want and your employer can use their SafePay or Cash Account to pay. Our goal is… Read more »

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      1.   It’s even easier to coordinate with all of your gurus within a work room. Now you can tag the gurus you hire by color within a work room. Come up with a tagging system that works for you, and sort however you want. You will also be able to send private messages to multiple gurus at… Read more »

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        gv肉片视频免费观看-Guru Office Closed on Memorial Day

        Our office will be closed on Monday, May 30 while we celebrate Memorial day. U.S. banks will also be closed, so all scheduled payments will be rescheduled for Tuesday, May 31. Please don’t make payments from your bank account to third parties until you confirm that you’ve received your payment. Have a wonderful weekend, and… Read more »

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